Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still

This is not a new idea. Kids have been running around outside, climbing trees, building forts in the forest, organizing pick up sports, creating with sticks and twigs for centuries.  Kids didn’t used to sit still very often.    Until we got a new idea.  It seems that now we are focused on how much […]

Tai Chi = Peace + Focus+Strength+Compassion

Peace, focus, knowledge, compassion, inner strength, calmness are all qualities we strive to feel and share. The practice of Tai Chi can help us achieve this in this stressful world.   We must never allow the nasty language and lies we hear everyday take over our lives.  But at the same time we must not […]

Release Stress with Tai Chi

Calm down! Relax!  these instructions rarely work.   Tai Chi gives you something concrete to focus on so you can relax.  WE all need to relax.  Especially now in this decisive time.  We need to turn off the news, and be an elephant.  Or a flying crane or a tree.  You will be amazed how […]

Tai Chi – the Perfect Exercise

A recent article describes Tai chi as the perfect exercise.  The perfect exercise is one that: is strenuous but not painful soothes our tired brains boosts fitness preserves heart health provides more energy than it consumes improves balance, strength and immunity is so powerful that it serves as a “medication in motion” you go deeper […]


Tai Chi is often called MEDITATION IN MOTION.  The perfect combination – meditation and movement at the same time.  Low impact movement is the perfect break from all our repetitive activities, sitting at the computer and so many other repetitive things we do.  And if we do our movement without pain or competition, feeling relaxed […]

9 Reasons to try Tai Chi

Doctors recommend it.  Researchers recommend it. Teachers recommend it. Have you tried it? Benefits of this meditative movement include: improvement of Balance and prevention of falls Improvement of the immunity improvement of heart health improvement of quality of life stronger bones and reduction in fibromyalgia improvement of mind and  outlook reduces frailty reduces pain improves mood […]