Anxiety and Stress? Try Tai Chi

We read more and more about anxiety and stress.  It is not easy to find inner peace these days. Suicide rates are up in all age groups.  Many young couples decide not to have children in this troubled time. We all wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Voices are raised.  Fingers pointed.  We feel insecure and sometimes scared.  Wow!  What a confusing time. It is time to try Tai Chi!


Fortunately, there are things we can do to alleviate  anxiety and stress.

A recent article from the NCCIH, The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, outlines many of them for us.




 The NCCIH suggests:

  • Relaxation techniques to relieve chronic medical issues as well as anxiety disorders.   Acupuncture may help.  Hypnosis can be helpful.  Massage can feel very good, too.
  • Mindfulness meditation stands out for its effectiveness.  It can be a seated or a moving meditation such as Tai Chi.   Mind- Body practices are a great place to start.








  • A slow walk in a beautiful place, usually alone, may be a form of meditation that works for you.
  • Listening to music often works because the vibration of the sound as well as the beautiful notes become a form of meditation.
  • We can also use relaxing teas such as chamomile.  It works best if we prepare and drink it slowly.






In my experience, it seems that something I can do for myself is more effective than something that is done to me by another person.  A massage is wonderful, but how often can you do it?  It costs quite a bit and you have to schedule a time.  It is not always convenient.

Meditation and meditative moments such as Tai Chi can be more effective because once you learn it there is no cost.  You can do it whenever you want, and wherever you want.  A 10 minute break  in a busy day gives  wonderful benefits of relaxation for the mind and body.   An hour is good, too.  Fit it into your schedule in the way that works best for you.  For anxiety and stress try Tai Chi








The versatility of Tai Chi is powerful.   You can be standing by a tree in a park, or sitting in your office, or walking slowly down the street.  It doesn’t matter.

Tai Chi is:

  • visualization of the flow of the chi in your body
  • the feeling of growing roots from the bottom of your feet like a tree
  • the slow movement of the abdomen as you gently breathe
  • the relaxation of your shoulders as you let go of tension
  • quietness inside you head as you focus on the chi surrounding you.
  • a way of life
  • perfect in the morning and before going to bed

It is a great way to begin to tackle the stress surrounding you.  You will feel the difference right away.  I did.  Everyone I introduce to it relaxes. For Anxiety and Stress we should all try Tai Chi.








Tai Chi for Kids is the perfect way to start since it is easy to follow, takes no previous experience, and works for all ages.  We are all KIDS inside, aren’t we? We all need to be cared for, to feel loved.  Get your Tai Chi for Kids set today.  You will be  taking the first step on the road to relaxation.  It is time to try Tai Chi.


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