TAI CHI – a gentle way to fight stress

Did you know that Tai Chi fights stress?  We all have stress these days.

Tai Chi fights stress caused by many different things.  For example:

  • too much to do and too little time
  • responsibilities and commitments that can be overwhelming
  • obligations to prepare, respond to and solve
  • poor food or rest – both can stress us badly

According to the Mayo Clinic,  Tai Chi is a great way to fight stress.

Regular practice of Tai Chi, even for short periods of time, can:

  • improve mood
  • improve aerobic capacity
  • increase energy and stamina, flexibility and balance
  • strengthen our muscles
  • give us greater agility
  • enhance quality of sleep
  • strengthen the immune system
  • reduce joint pain
  • lower blood pressure

What is the best way to get started?

It is best to start with short periods of time, and a form that is easy.  You can look for a teacher and try it out;  It is important that you  relate well to the teacher and feel comfortable in the class.

Or find a simplified version of Tai Chi that you can enjoy from the first day.  Tai Chi can be very difficult,  but if it is you might not continue.

Tai Chi for Kids is designed to get you started on the right foot.  It is great for children, adolescents, adults, the elderly.  It doesn’t matter how fit you are. Everyone can benefit.  You will love the feeling of relaxation.


Can you devote 5 minutes in the morning to wake up with Tai Chi?  If you do #1 of Tai Chi for Kids, Waking up the Energy, then you will enjoy the tapping and shaking that gets you ready for the day.




Can you find 5 minutes in the middle of the day to release stress and refocus?  Then you should try #2 of Tai Chi for Kids,  Moving the Cloud, to relax your shoulders and focus your mind on the energy ball you are holding.



Can you find 5 minutes in the evening to let go of the stress of the day so you can feel better? If so, try #6 The Tree.  Feel the roots from the bottoms of your feet grow into and connect to the earth, calming you down and releasing stress.

Tai Chi for Kids can make all the difference. I hope you will try it. You deserve it.




Anxiety and Stress? Try Tai Chi

We read more and more about anxiety and stress.  It is not easy to find inner peace these days. Suicide rates are up in all age groups.  Many young couples decide not to have children in this troubled time. We all wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Voices are raised.  Fingers pointed.  We feel insecure and sometimes scared.  Wow!  What a confusing time. It is time to try Tai Chi!


Fortunately, there are things we can do to alleviate  anxiety and stress.

A recent article from the NCCIH, The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, outlines many of them for us.




 The NCCIH suggests:

  • Relaxation techniques to relieve chronic medical issues as well as anxiety disorders.   Acupuncture may help.  Hypnosis can be helpful.  Massage can feel very good, too.
  • Mindfulness meditation stands out for its effectiveness.  It can be a seated or a moving meditation such as Tai Chi.   Mind- Body practices are a great place to start.








  • A slow walk in a beautiful place, usually alone, may be a form of meditation that works for you.
  • Listening to music often works because the vibration of the sound as well as the beautiful notes become a form of meditation.
  • We can also use relaxing teas such as chamomile.  It works best if we prepare and drink it slowly.






In my experience, it seems that something I can do for myself is more effective than something that is done to me by another person.  A massage is wonderful, but how often can you do it?  It costs quite a bit and you have to schedule a time.  It is not always convenient.

Meditation and meditative moments such as Tai Chi can be more effective because once you learn it there is no cost.  You can do it whenever you want, and wherever you want.  A 10 minute break  in a busy day gives  wonderful benefits of relaxation for the mind and body.   An hour is good, too.  Fit it into your schedule in the way that works best for you.  For anxiety and stress try Tai Chi








The versatility of Tai Chi is powerful.   You can be standing by a tree in a park, or sitting in your office, or walking slowly down the street.  It doesn’t matter.

Tai Chi is:

  • visualization of the flow of the chi in your body
  • the feeling of growing roots from the bottom of your feet like a tree
  • the slow movement of the abdomen as you gently breathe
  • the relaxation of your shoulders as you let go of tension
  • quietness inside you head as you focus on the chi surrounding you.
  • a way of life
  • perfect in the morning and before going to bed

It is a great way to begin to tackle the stress surrounding you.  You will feel the difference right away.  I did.  Everyone I introduce to it relaxes. For Anxiety and Stress we should all try Tai Chi.








Tai Chi for Kids is the perfect way to start since it is easy to follow, takes no previous experience, and works for all ages.  We are all KIDS inside, aren’t we? We all need to be cared for, to feel loved.  Get your Tai Chi for Kids set today.  You will be  taking the first step on the road to relaxation.  It is time to try Tai Chi.


Tai Chi for Kids Training

The Tai Chi For Kids training in White Plains NY, just north of NYC city  is just around the corner. If you are in the greater NYC area this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to teach TAI CHI FOR KIDS. It is a great opportunity for parents, teachers, therapists, counselors, grandparents and everyone who works with children.

The training will be held:
O C T O B E R 2 6 , 2 0 1 9
1 0 A M – 3 P M
B E R K E L E Y C O L L E G E – W H I T E P L A I N S
9 9 C H U R C H S T R E E T , W H I T E P L A I N S , N Y .
$65 per person
*Includes Lunch*
All Proceeds To Healer Within Foundation
Join us as we share the healing practices of Tai Chi Easy™ along with an introduction to the TAI CHI for Kids educational program. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn, connect and grow!
Cari Shurman, Creator TAI CHI for Kids, will train you to use the  simplified 12 movement form of Tai Chi for Kids.

It is perfect for children of all ages, including those with special needs.
It can improve:
-Concentration, Focus
-Flexibility, Muscle Tone, Balance
-Overall sense of calmness
Most importantly it is FUN and enjoyed by kids from 4 to 104!
For more information and to register go to :



The world becomes more stressful everyday.  Imagine how it feels to a child:  a siren announces it is time to practice for a lock down in school, or is it a real one!  Gun shots might be heard in the streets or the neighborhood.  An adolescent might be a victim or observer of nasty bullying. It is a tough time to be young. It is hard to find mental and emotional health.  Where is the peace and quiet we need for balance?

The NCCIH (National Center for Complementary an Integrative Health) say the State of Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health in children and youth is one of their highest priorities.  They are looking for a comprehensive, integrative approach.  Healthy mental, emotional and behavioral development is a critical foundation for a productive adulthood.  In a 2009 report the case was made for prevention and promotion of interventions.

BUT in the next decade the rate of depression, suicide and self-harm has been increasing.  The proportion of adolescents experiencing a major depressive episode increased from 8.7 % to 11.3 %.  Read the report here.


While studies and conferences go on, we can do something right away to improve the emotional health of children and youths.  We can start teaching Tai Chi at home, in schools, at clubs, to begin the day, before a test, when we are upset, at bedtime.  Almost anytime is a good time for Tai Chi.








Tai Chi for Kids helps us to :

  • breathe more deeply and oxygenate our cells
  • relax and feel good inside
  • focus on what we are doing instead of being distracted
  • feel happier
  • be calm inside and in our interactions with others.
  • improve our sleep and our health

TAI CHI  is a great way to bring peace to our children.  NOW is the right time to start.



Can Exercise Boost Your Mood?


Does exercise improve  your mood or does your mood improve  your exercise?

We know they go together.   But a new study from Harvard Medical School showed a 26% decrease in depression for each major measured increase in physical activity.  For example 15 minutes of walking instead of 15 minutes of sitting.

Does it matter if you train for a marathon, swim a mile or walk from your car in the far corner of the lot to the store?  The evidence shows that it doesn’t matter.   It can even be pulling weeds in the garden.

If you are a student, a teacher, writer, thinker, artist or almost anything else, the exercise can be 5 minutes of Tai Chi to start the day, before a test, when you need a break, or when trying to develop a creative idea. When our moods are more stable,  focused, positive and  relaxed we don’t think about  feeling bad.  We focus on what is ahead, what we are out to accomplish.  It is very positive.


Imagine how wonderful it would be

  • to  find a way that you can retain a focused good mood, free of frustration and stress throughout the day by taking a few 5 minute breaks throughout the day.
  • to help children remain focused, relaxed and on target by taking a 5 minute break during the school day.
  • to get everyone to work together with understanding and compassion by taking a 5 minute break.

So maybe you will choose to run, or lift weights, or swim.

Or maybe you are looking for something that will allow you to release stress and frustration and return to a focused happy mood without changing your clothes, taking a shower and going to another location.

Tai Chi is that exercise.



You can try

  • tapping on your body and shaking to release tension
  • circling your waist, hips and chest to release tightness from too much sitting.
  • standing like a tree with roots and leaves, connected to the earth
  • circling your head with slow even moments to let go of tightness in your shoulders.
  • focusing on a gentle flowing ball of energy.

It can be so simple.  And there are no  bad side effects.


The American Psychiatry Association has also found that the meditative movements of Tai Chi with slow breathing reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Isn’t it time you tried Tai Chi?   Tai Chi for Kids is a great way to start.  It is simple, easy to follow, and  can be done anywhere.




MINDFULNESS in the classroom can make a huge difference.

“Mindfulness is a way to pause and reflect on the here and now. To be fully present in what is happening in the present, without worry about the future or past. The idea is that teaching this philosophy and using activities and practices in the classroom should allow students to release tension and anxiety so they can focus on the material in the classroom.” Erica Kosal PhD


Imagine a class full of students who:

  • feel relaxed
  • are free of stress and anxiety
  • focus on the material being discussed
  • want to ask appropriate questions
  • are able to think about the answers
  • enter discussions with various points of view calmly
  • express their well thought-out opinions
  • respect others.


Mindful students show understanding of the opinions of others.  They show compassion to those who may be different.  These students are cooperative and understanding.

Mindful students can be in the moment – the present moment,  because they are not worried about the past or fearful of the future.




That is where we all want to be – in the present – where we can work efficiently and productively.













There are various ways of achieving mindfulness:

  • meditation
  • tai chi meditative movements
  • contemplation of a beautiful sunset or flowing stream
  • listening to peaceful relaxing music
  • hypnosis
  • focusing on a piece of art

One of the easiest is Tai Chi meditative movements.  As you focus on a ball of energy you are holding you breathe, see the color and feel the warmth. This is extremely calming.  Sometimes we need a bit of activity to get us to the moment where we can focus our breathing.  It can take 5 or 10 minutes.







But Oh! what wonderful results:

  • time is saved in doing our work when we are focused
  • we know how to go directly to the goal
  • we analyze less and feel more so we are in touch with ourselves, our thoughts and our ideas


AND BEST OF ALL – when we work towards mindfulness with our students or children, we too become more relaxed, peaceful, understanding and focused.

Check the full story from Faculty Focus Publication.  Ten faculty members from North Carolina Wesleyen College did mindfulness with the college students with outstanding results.




Great News:  Regular  practice of mind-body activities such as Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga are up by 300% over the past 15 years.  Tai Chi is becoming more and more popular. 

Why?  Because they are beneficial, natural and focus on the whole body.  Acute and chronic pain, arthritis and depressions are the three medical conditions that lead people to practice mind-body activities.  Harvard Medical School talks about the value of Tai Chi specifically for pain. Not only are these practices beneficial but they are natural, safe, cost very little and are very make you feel better.  Check it out here.  



2019 is the 20th anniversary of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day.  On April 27th the earth will be encircled with chi.  The morning practice begins in Samoa at 10:00 AM.  then it moves around the world to New Zealand when it is 10:00 there.   And then to Australia continuing through Asia, Europe and then to the western hemisphere – North and South America.  Find out where there will be a group moving the chi at 10:00 AM near you.   

It will be great to participate.  Together we can make a difference. You can become part of the growing popularity of Tai Chi and other mind-body practices.

Tai Chi for Strength as well as Calmness

We often talk about the calming side of Tai Chi since we live such hectic lives in an over-busy world of constant stimulation and connection.

But it is good to know that Tai Chi is also a great exercise for improving strength and stamina to keep you going.  Strength and stamina are not just about lifting weights for big muscles.

Strength and Stamina are good for us in many ways.  Such as:

  • improved strength for good bones and muscles.
  • improved stamina to keep going longer with better focus
  • better balance for fewer falls as our strength develops
  • reduced stress on the joints and muscles to help us avoid injury






I like to think of TaiChi as the perfect exercise for the whole family. Not just the elderly, or the toddlers, or the sick, or the disabled, or the athletes, or the studious, or the recovering or someone else!   NO.  It is for everyone.  At every age we need to Tai Chi.  Wouldn’t you like to feel more focus, balance, strength, flexibility and inner peace?




The great thing about Tai Chi is how quickly you can see improvement in all the qualities above.

  • In the classroom can see improvement in calmness and focus in just 10 minutes.
  • In a discussion of bullying we can see increased compassion in 20 or 30 minutes
  • We can see improvement of balance after merely 6 sessions – perhaps 3 weeks.  And it will continue to improve the more we do Tai Chi.
  • In athletics we can see improvement in focus as we shoot a basket, hit a tennis ball, a volley ball or baseball, swim gracefully through the water, run without jarring your joints and muscles.  It just takes a few sessions and awareness.

Of course.  We all would like to feel better, focus better, and  perform better.

There is a great article in the NY Times section on Personal Health this week.  It is by Jane Brody who has been writing on health issues for the NY Times  since 1979.  She has covered so many aspects of health. It is great when she write on Tai Chi .  You can read it here.

She sites many studies that have been done, primarily on older adults.  But please remember, what applies to adults applies to children also.

Her last paragraph is, for me, the most important.



“And, in the process of getting your body in shape with tai chi, you’re likely to improve your mental state. In a New Zealand study of college students, tai chi was shown to counter depression, anxiety and stress. It also enhances an important quality called self-efficacy — confidence in one’s ability to perform various activities and overcome obstacles to doing so. ”

You, too, can feel the benefits of Tai Chi.  Why don’t you start now?  And don’t forget the breathing!

Lack of Sleep – a big problem

Sleep is necessary to:

  1. repair tissue
  2. boost learning and memory potential
  3. flush toxins from the brain

Is inadequate sleep really a problem?    Aren’t you just a bit tired? Can’t you make it up another night?

  • Inadequate sleep can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Less than 6 hours of sleep a night can cause inflammation in the blood and in the body, and cause dysregulation of the immune system
  • Lack of sleep can have long term health consequences


And TEENS are particularly susceptible to insufficient sleep.

Read about studies that have been done on insufficient sleep.

Some people resort to sleeping pills.  Others to alcohol or drugs.  Try drinking less water.  Eating light meals earlier can help.  Avoiding sugar at night can make a difference.  Turn off your devices hours before bedtime.  Constant connectivity is a big problem.

There is another route to relaxing and sleeping well.

I have seen a big difference when certain moves of  Tai Chi are practiced in the evening.  Moves such as shaking away the tightness and frustration of the day help us let go. Or standing like a tree with roots growing into the soil so you can feel centered and connected.  As a tree it is easier to forget about all the negative issues of the day. You focus on something concrete such as growing roots into the earth.  You should try it.   It becomes possible to forget about obligations, upcoming exams, arguments with friends, bullying etc.  Tai Chi is a kind of meditation that is easier to do because there is a specific idea to focus on.  As you visualize the roots growing, the tree standing tall, the leaves blowing in the wind it becomes easier to forget about all the other issues and obligations of life.  Try a simple form of Tai Chi such as Tai Chi Moves.  It can make all the difference.