Hey Teachers It isn’t so easy to keep the attention of kids online is it? Try Tai Chi for a needed break. It helps kids focus, learn, cooperate, feel good and calm. You can do it anywhere. Inside. Outside. In a small space. In a large space We posted a new Tai Chi for Kids […]

TAI CHI – a gentle way to fight stress

Did you know that Tai Chi fights stress?  We all have stress these days. Tai Chi fights stress caused by many different things.  For example: too much to do and too little time responsibilities and commitments that can be overwhelming obligations to prepare, respond to and solve poor food or rest – both can stress […]

Anxiety and Stress? Try Tai Chi

We read more and more about anxiety and stress.  It is not easy to find inner peace these days. Suicide rates are up in all age groups.  Many young couples decide not to have children in this troubled time. We all wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Voices are raised.  Fingers pointed.  We feel insecure and […]

Tai Chi for Kids Training

The Tai Chi For Kids training in White Plains NY, just north of NYC city  is just around the corner. If you are in the greater NYC area this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to teach TAI CHI FOR KIDS. It is a great opportunity for parents, teachers, therapists, counselors, grandparents […]


The world becomes more stressful everyday.  Imagine how it feels to a child:  a siren announces it is time to practice for a lock down in school, or is it a real one!  Gun shots might be heard in the streets or the neighborhood.  An adolescent might be a victim or observer of nasty bullying. […]

Can Exercise Boost Your Mood?

  Does exercise improve  your mood or does your mood improve  your exercise? We know they go together.   But a new study from Harvard Medical School showed a 26% decrease in depression for each major measured increase in physical activity.  For example 15 minutes of walking instead of 15 minutes of sitting. Does it matter […]