The world becomes more stressful everyday.  Imagine how it feels to a child:  a siren announces it is time to practice for a lock down in school, or is it a real one!  Gun shots might be heard in the streets or the neighborhood.  An adolescent might be a victim or observer of nasty bullying. It is a tough time to be young. It is hard to find mental and emotional health.  Where is the peace and quiet we need for balance?

The NCCIH (National Center for Complementary an Integrative Health) say the State of Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health in children and youth is one of their highest priorities.  They are looking for a comprehensive, integrative approach.  Healthy mental, emotional and behavioral development is a critical foundation for a productive adulthood.  In a 2009 report the case was made for prevention and promotion of interventions.

BUT in the next decade the rate of depression, suicide and self-harm has been increasing.  The proportion of adolescents experiencing a major depressive episode increased from 8.7 % to 11.3 %.  Read the report here.


While studies and conferences go on, we can do something right away to improve the emotional health of children and youths.  We can start teaching Tai Chi at home, in schools, at clubs, to begin the day, before a test, when we are upset, at bedtime.  Almost anytime is a good time for Tai Chi.








Tai Chi for Kids helps us to :

  • breathe more deeply and oxygenate our cells
  • relax and feel good inside
  • focus on what we are doing instead of being distracted
  • feel happier
  • be calm inside and in our interactions with others.
  • improve our sleep and our health

TAI CHI  is a great way to bring peace to our children.  NOW is the right time to start.



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