TAI CHI – a gentle way to fight stress

Did you know that Tai Chi fights stress?  We all have stress these days.

Tai Chi fights stress caused by many different things.  For example:

  • too much to do and too little time
  • responsibilities and commitments that can be overwhelming
  • obligations to prepare, respond to and solve
  • poor food or rest – both can stress us badly

According to the Mayo Clinic,  Tai Chi is a great way to fight stress.

Regular practice of Tai Chi, even for short periods of time, can:

  • improve mood
  • improve aerobic capacity
  • increase energy and stamina, flexibility and balance
  • strengthen our muscles
  • give us greater agility
  • enhance quality of sleep
  • strengthen the immune system
  • reduce joint pain
  • lower blood pressure

What is the best way to get started?

It is best to start with short periods of time, and a form that is easy.  You can look for a teacher and try it out;  It is important that you  relate well to the teacher and feel comfortable in the class.

Or find a simplified version of Tai Chi that you can enjoy from the first day.  Tai Chi can be very difficult,  but if it is you might not continue.

Tai Chi for Kids is designed to get you started on the right foot.  It is great for children, adolescents, adults, the elderly.  It doesn’t matter how fit you are. Everyone can benefit.  You will love the feeling of relaxation.


Can you devote 5 minutes in the morning to wake up with Tai Chi?  If you do #1 of Tai Chi for Kids, Waking up the Energy, then you will enjoy the tapping and shaking that gets you ready for the day.




Can you find 5 minutes in the middle of the day to release stress and refocus?  Then you should try #2 of Tai Chi for Kids,  Moving the Cloud, to relax your shoulders and focus your mind on the energy ball you are holding.



Can you find 5 minutes in the evening to let go of the stress of the day so you can feel better? If so, try #6 The Tree.  Feel the roots from the bottoms of your feet grow into and connect to the earth, calming you down and releasing stress.

Tai Chi for Kids can make all the difference. I hope you will try it. You deserve it.




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