Tai Chi = Peace + Focus+Strength+Compassion

Peace, focus, knowledge, compassion, inner strength, calmness are all qualities we strive to feel and share. The practice of Tai Chi can help us achieve this in this stressful world.


We must never allow the nasty language and lies we hear everyday take over our lives.  But at the same time we must not be complacent.  We need the strength to stand up for what is right.

We need to exit from the stressful path we are on for a few minutes everyday. Start here:






The Mayo Clinic suggests Tai Chi to relieve stress.

Even Drugs.com advocates Tai Chi for stress.    And there are no negative side effects as there are with almost every medication you take.

Tai Chi helps us to never give up.  The inner peace we feel when we practice Tai Chi helps us feel more positive and in control.  It helps each of us find the right path.  The path that allows us to make a difference in our lives, and in  the lives of those we touch everyday.

It helps us make changes, defend what is right peacefully,  feel good, and respect and show compassion for others, to defend the rights of everyone and the freedom of each person to live a peaceful happy, life.

Take a few moments for silence as you stand like a tree, feel your roots connected to the earth, breathe in and our slowly through your nose, to be strong and centered.

Tai Chi gives focus to our actions, plans and goals.  It helps us release stress and know what is right.  It helps us rise above the confusion and negative energy that sometimes seems to take over.

Take a few moments everyday to be centered and focused; to know and feel the peace that you deserve to have a good day and enjoy just being. You might start with TAI CHI FOR KIDS





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