Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still

This is not a new idea.

Kids have been running around outside, climbing trees, building forts in the forest, organizing pick up sports, creating with sticks and twigs for centuries.  Kids didn’t used to sit still very often.


Until we got a new idea.  It seems that now we are focused on how much kids can learn academically.  We try to help our children get ahead, be first in their class in first grade, by learning and memorizing a bunch of information for a test.  And above all we want them to be quiet!

  • Have you heard yourself say:  “Sit still and learn!” We shouldn’t be saying that to a 5 year old.  He is learning by playing, by moving around, by building.
  • “Clean up this mess.”     But it is not a mess.  It is a new fort.  The kids are going to play there tomorrow.

Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still

A great article in the NY Times  reminds us that kids learn what they need to know much better when they don’t have to sit still.  Not only do they learn through running  around and exploring outside.  But they can focus on standard classroom learning if they have lots more movement breaks during the day.

There are lots of ways to take a break.  You can go for a run.  Or do jumping jacks.  Or toss around a bean bag and a sponge ball.

But there is a way that is better than the others.

Tai Chi give you a break that not only relaxes the body but it lets off steam and hyperactivity. And it is fun.  Tai Chi refocuses your mind so you are better able to get back to work.  Tai Chi stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to improve your digestion for fewer tummy or headaches.  Tai Chi relaxes your body to let go of fear and stress.  Tai Chi improves your breathing to send oxygen to your brain for clearer thinking.  Tai Chi helps you tobe aware of and know what is really happening inside your body and out. It helps you know yourself and clarify your goals.  Tai Chi changes the atmosphere in the classroom and improves  self-esteem.  

Tai Chi is a tool for success as we learn, relax, think clearly and feel good about ourselves, our potential, our future. Since Kids shouldn’t sit still, WHY DON’T YOU TRY TAI CHI?

Try it soon.  You will love it too.



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