Tai Chi – the Perfect Exercise

A recent article describes Tai chi as the perfect exercise.  The perfect exercise is one that:

  • is strenuous but not painful
  • soothes our tired brains
  • boosts fitness
  • preserves heart health
  • provides more energy than it consumes
  • improves balance, strength and immunity
  • is so powerful that it serves as a “medication in motion”
  • you go deeper into relaxation and breathing, mot lifting weights

Read the full article from the ECONUGENICS here.

Imagine twice as many kids, adults, teachers, therapists and parents doing Tai Chi and having a better day. 

Don’t you know someone who needs to relax?  

The increasing interest in Tai chi in Schools, hospitals, prisons, parks and everywhere is wonderful ! Let’s go further for more focus, fitness, fun and relaxation. 

Everyone feels good as we —
tap on the body to to wake up the energy.
become sleeping lions to improve flexibility.
feel the warm, peaceful energy ball.
learn to focus on the bow and arrow.
balance as flying cranes.
feel connected as we gather the energy.
think creatively as we relax with tai chi.
feel strong and coordinated as the tiger strikes.
become aware of our energy moving inside.
feel calm so we can sleep better.
It’s a win win situation.  Tai Chi gives us health and makes us feel centered.

Check out the special offer.  

Let me know if you have questions.

Cari Shurman
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