Tai Chi is often called MEDITATION IN MOTION.  The perfect combination – meditation and movement at the same time.  Low impact movement is the perfect break from all our repetitive activities, sitting at the computer and so many other repetitive things we do.  And if we do our movement without pain or competition, feeling relaxed as we do it, then we are meditating.  So Tai Chi is truly a moving meditation.

As a crane connecting to the earth energy we become graceful and still.  Like a bird.

When I do the Tai Chi moving meditation with students in the classroom, their expressions  change.  The atmosphere in the room improves.  It is like letting air out of an overinflated balloon. The tension and stress disappear into the air.  Everyone likes focusing  on the elephant drinking water or the lion sleeping or the bird’s beak connecting to the energy of the earth.  That focus helps us forget about everything you should, could, or must, DO.  All you have to do is move like the elephant,  stretching your spine forward, and arching back slightly as you spray the water from your trunk over your body.  It’s just in your imagination of course, but it feels real.  That is the power of the imagination.  That is relaxation. That can bring cooperation and compassion to the classroom.

Integrative Health, the many health benefits associated with Tai Chi include:

Improvements in physical condition, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility Improvements in pain and stiffness, including arthritis pain
Improved balance and mobility Improved sleep and overall wellness
Reduced risk of falls, particularly in the elderly Enhanced immune function

With all those benefits, who wouldn’t want to do Tai Chi?  When are you going to start?

Read the full article here.   It can make a huge difference for you, your kids, your whole family.

There is no age limit.  Everyone can do it.

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