Finding peace with Tai Chi for Kids


What a small world we live in. 

We can connect with anyone, anywhere, almost.  We share this planet, the air, the breath, the peace.  But sometimes it feels like we share too much hostility, pollution and negativity.








Every year it becomes more and more important to find inner peace. We must work together, not with hatred and criticism but with love and compassion.  We must take care of ourselves, our families, our friends and neighbors and our planet.

Finding Inner Peace

Forty percent of adults in the U.S. use alternative medicine and mind-body activities. Only 12% of children do.  Imagine how much more peaceful your family life would be if your children did Tai Chi!   You can do it together as a family.  It would be great to involve your children.

Recent studies were done on youths  from Europe (Sweden, Germany, and Portugal), North (Canada and United States) and South (Argentina) American, Asia (mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) and Australia. Combined, these studies included 696 participants, with 360 youths participating in the Tai Chi or Qigong intervention arm and 336 in the comparator arm. 





Two common outcomes from the studies done in the various countries were  psychological wellbeing and better behavioral and  physical health and function for the group that did Tai Chi or Qigong.   This included classroom behavior, psychological health, reduction in stress, improvement in general health, weight management, improvement in physical activity, and quality of life. In order to understand the big impact of TaiChi and Qigong read the full study here .  


Of course studies are never absolute.

Try it for yourself. See how you feel!  How much better you sleep!  Notice the calmness at home and at school.  Enjoy your time together as a family and with friends.  Protect your planet and the environment you love.  We can be a positive force, together!   Begin with Tai Chi.  It is easy and fun!  Get your set here

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