Lack of Sleep – a big problem

Sleep is necessary to:

  1. repair tissue
  2. boost learning and memory potential
  3. flush toxins from the brain

Is inadequate sleep really a problem?    Aren’t you just a bit tired? Can’t you make it up another night?

  • Inadequate sleep can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Less than 6 hours of sleep a night can cause inflammation in the blood and in the body, and cause dysregulation of the immune system
  • Lack of sleep can have long term health consequences


And TEENS are particularly susceptible to insufficient sleep.

Read about studies that have been done on insufficient sleep.

Some people resort to sleeping pills.  Others to alcohol or drugs.  Try drinking less water.  Eating light meals earlier can help.  Avoiding sugar at night can make a difference.  Turn off your devices hours before bedtime.  Constant connectivity is a big problem.

There is another route to relaxing and sleeping well.

I have seen a big difference when certain moves of  Tai Chi are practiced in the evening.  Moves such as shaking away the tightness and frustration of the day help us let go. Or standing like a tree with roots growing into the soil so you can feel centered and connected.  As a tree it is easier to forget about all the negative issues of the day. You focus on something concrete such as growing roots into the earth.  You should try it.   It becomes possible to forget about obligations, upcoming exams, arguments with friends, bullying etc.  Tai Chi is a kind of meditation that is easier to do because there is a specific idea to focus on.  As you visualize the roots growing, the tree standing tall, the leaves blowing in the wind it becomes easier to forget about all the other issues and obligations of life.  Try a simple form of Tai Chi such as Tai Chi Moves.  It can make all the difference.


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