MINDFULNESS in the classroom can make a huge difference.

“Mindfulness is a way to pause and reflect on the here and now. To be fully present in what is happening in the present, without worry about the future or past. The idea is that teaching this philosophy and using activities and practices in the classroom should allow students to release tension and anxiety so they can focus on the material in the classroom.” Erica Kosal PhD


Imagine a class full of students who:

  • feel relaxed
  • are free of stress and anxiety
  • focus on the material being discussed
  • want to ask appropriate questions
  • are able to think about the answers
  • enter discussions with various points of view calmly
  • express their well thought-out opinions
  • respect others.


Mindful students show understanding of the opinions of others.  They show compassion to those who may be different.  These students are cooperative and understanding.

Mindful students can be in the moment – the present moment,  because they are not worried about the past or fearful of the future.




That is where we all want to be – in the present – where we can work efficiently and productively.













There are various ways of achieving mindfulness:

  • meditation
  • tai chi meditative movements
  • contemplation of a beautiful sunset or flowing stream
  • listening to peaceful relaxing music
  • hypnosis
  • focusing on a piece of art

One of the easiest is Tai Chi meditative movements.  As you focus on a ball of energy you are holding you breathe, see the color and feel the warmth. This is extremely calming.  Sometimes we need a bit of activity to get us to the moment where we can focus our breathing.  It can take 5 or 10 minutes.







But Oh! what wonderful results:

  • time is saved in doing our work when we are focused
  • we know how to go directly to the goal
  • we analyze less and feel more so we are in touch with ourselves, our thoughts and our ideas


AND BEST OF ALL – when we work towards mindfulness with our students or children, we too become more relaxed, peaceful, understanding and focused.

Check the full story from Faculty Focus Publication.  Ten faculty members from North Carolina Wesleyen College did mindfulness with the college students with outstanding results.



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