Students love a TAI CHI week in NYC


A classroom is filled with students struggling with serious learning challenges.

The noise and the confusion suddenly stops.

Students love Tai Chi.

There is silence as each child moves as an elephant or a tiger.

Everyone is successful because there is not just one way to do it.



  • A running  elephant is fast
  • A playful  elephant is happy.
  • A  thirsty elephant reaches down to drink water.
  • A tired elephant moves slowly.






Each student is relaxing, breathing and visualizing his elephant moving across the plains of Africa.

No one needs to compare.  For once, every child is doing it exactly right.


What a feeling of satisfaction for the students.  No one is corrected.  There is silence and focus.  Relaxation and delight.  Teachers are happy.  Students are happy.


Even the ones who can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes are participating perfectly.




Why don’t you try Tai Chi with your students.  We all have challenges.  Tai Chi works on everyone to help you relax and feel better.


Getting involved with Tai Chi

You can order your set here.

Read some studies

A recent study showed that Tai Chi is particularly effective on children with sever hyperactivity and anxiety

A teacher from Connecticut tells his experience of using Tai Chi with children with special needs. 

The Qigong Institute reports how quickly most children respond to Tai Chi.  They show emotional stability and spiritual awareness after just one session.

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