US Government Study on Efficacy of Tai Chi for Children

A University of Michigan Pediatrician says Tai Chi is Safe and Effective for Children.

Not all complementary and alternative therapies are safe for children.  Some can be potentially dangerous.  It is important to look at the various therapies and consult your doctor. Especially when we are treating children.

But Tai Chi and Yoga are safe and effective.

“Research shows teenagers encounter a lot of stress, which puts them at risk for depression.  Mind and body therapies, such as tai chi, help reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Tai chi and yoga help to decrease blood pressure and sympathetic activity in children. This allows for a sense of relaxation and calmness.”

Teen agers experience as much stress and adults do.  It robs them of sleep, health, focus and happiness.  We want our children to find success in this stressful world.  We need to teach them the tools of inner peace.

Tai Chi can make a huge difference.  It is time to try it.

The movements, meditation, breathing and visualization all make a huge difference in how we feel.  Everyone loves to do Tai Chi.

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