Tai Chi – It May Be the Perfect Exercise

Tai Chi and Qigong are very similar and according to extensive studies on over 6000 participants may be the perfect exercise for well-being.   Whichever you choose, whichever feels right for you,  you will gain important benefits.  Check the list below.  How is it possible that Tai Chi and Qigong are effective for so many conditions?  How can it be effective for so many ages, physical issues, and general health?


In our society we tend to look for a different solution for each separate problem.  But according to theses ancient Chinese practices, when we do movements that allow us to relax  the chi flows better to every cell of the body so we can be healthier in many ways.    Chinese Medicine teaches that the only place the mind and body should be separated is in the dictionary.  They work together through movement, breathing, and visualization to produce a healthier person.  Tai Chi helps us to find balance.  We search for the balance every day in all of our activities.  Just as we search for the balance of the yin and yang.

Tai Chi allows our body to  heal.  Instead of chemicals or surgeries, the movements allow the cells to strengthen and heal.  The organs become stronger and better able to do their work.  The muscles become toned and our balance improves.  The mind relaxes, focuses, and we learn about ourselves.  We begin to know what is important.   We begin to feel better and believe in ourselves and know what we need to do to find success.

Tai Chi is a good system for health and well-being no matter your age.  Order your copy here.

The results of the studies published by the National Institute of Health show that Tai Chi and Qigong are effective in:

  • cardio-pulmomary fitness
  • prevention of falls
  • strong bones
  • general quality of life
  • increased immunity
  • improving psychological factors such as relieving anxiety, , depression
  • improved self-efficacy and self-esteem
  • improved balance and muscle tone
  • improving motivation
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve breathing and oxygen intake
  • improvement in self-esteem
  • decrease in inflammation
  • better relaxation
  • decrease inb fibromyalgia


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