Top 10 Benefits of Tai Chi for Kids

1. Release Stress and Feel Calm

Focusing on the ball of energy helps us relax and connect to the earth.  Our shoulders drop down.  We let go of tightness.

2. Improve Focus and Concentration

We focus on our target as we shoot the bow and arrow.  This focus carries over to other activities.

3. It helps students anticipate and control inappropriate behavior

As we feel the energy moving inside we begin to know ourselves better.

4. Deeper focused breathing sends more oxygen to the brain

Tai Chi Benefits

As the shoulders drop down and we think about the energy ball we take in more oxygen. We all need lots of Oxygen!

5. Visualization of animals and nature makes it easy to relax, calm the mind, let go of frustrations and control anger.

Students feel like they have gone outside to a beautiful place. Visualization is powerful.

6. It is fun and non-competitive. A perfect break.

Tai Chi Benefits for Kids

Everyone does his best and has a good time. The “prize” is that you feel so good.

7. Improves balance and flexibility

We focus on our roots for better balance. Just like a tree. We can balance anywhere.

8. Makes us healthier – strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, helps us sleep better.

The lion sleeps. We stretch and yawn. It is so calming we do it before bed to sleep better.

9. Increased self-esteem. Everyone can do it, so everyone feels success.

Children’s faces relax as we do the elephant. We have taken a trip outside. We walk across the plains of Africa. Everything is OK!

10. The quiet, peaceful energy of Tai Chi helps students know themselves better and believe in their own success.

After we do Tai Chi it is fun to draw a picture of ourselves and show where we felt the peaceful warm energy. We become more aware.

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