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This instructional activity set is available to the public. There are two different versions:
one for preschool and elementary school children
Tai Chi Moves for Kids
and the other for children in upper elementary grades, middle school, high school and adults
Tai Chi Moves.

Tai Chi Moves for Kids , for elementary school, includes 12 cards with pictures and explanations of the movements as well as a video CD to guide you in learning the moves and an audio CD for regular practice.
I hope you will learn the moves using the video CD in your computer and then practice with the music and voice so that the concentration and focus can be on the movement of energy within the body and the visualization of the animal we are imitating.
You may use them in any order by forwarding to the appropriate track on the CD.

Tai Chi Moves for older children consists of a video CD for the computer which shows the moves so they can be easily learned and also has written material explaining what is happening inside the body as we do the moves. This can be incorporated in the practice giving an interesting opportunity for reading, understanding, vocabulary building. The audio CD is used in regular practice so the focus can be on the internal energy of the body and the feeling of relaxation.

It is suggested that you start each session with movement #1, Tapping the Body, to wake up the energy and focus the attention.

Each session should end with one of the quiet activities. You may use any number of movements appropriate to your situation. Use one movement in a session to regain attention or focus. Use several movements in a row to start or end an academic activity, to release tension, as a transition or as a valuable break. Use all 12 movements as a half-hour class.

All Tai Chi movements relax the body, improve balance, muscle tone, flexibility, concentration and focus, however there are subtle differences. The twelve movements may be used as follows:

To improve breathing, focus, concentration, visualization

Improve flexibility and balance

Improve Muscle Tone

Improve Balance and Calmness